Corporate Governance Case Study

Clinic in Saudi Arabia Wanted to work on their Corporate Governance to address their problems of second generation taking over from the founder (2023)

A leading clinic in Saudi Arabia approached Theta Consultancy to address their problems of second generation taking over from the founder. The clinic operates across different cities in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and offers the assurance of effective healthcare services

Problem Statement:

The client is actively committed to expanding his business to other regions. However, the client had been experiencing problems with internal processes and clear corporate governance. As a result, the clinic faced prolonged periods in decision making while lacking clarity which led to bottlenecks in execution and resource allocation, having multiple branches allows for challenges in maintaining effective communication, and needed a structured approach in risk management and assessment.


To address the client's need for a comprehensive corporate governance framework, we embarked on a thorough assessment of their existing practices, including organizational structure, decision-making processes, and documentation. We also engaged in stakeholder interviews across all levels of the organization to gain insights into specific corporate governance needs and pain points. Additionally, we conducted research on industry best practices and benchmarks to identify corporate governance models most relevant to the client's size and industry.

Based on our in-depth assessment and research, we developed a customized corporate governance framework tailored to the client's unique needs and goals. This framework encompassed the establishment of a Board of Directors and relevant committees, clearly defined roles and responsibilities for executives, managers, and teams, streamlined decision-making processes with well-defined escalation paths, a comprehensive communication plan to facilitate information flow, and a risk management framework to identify, assess, and mitigate potential risks.

The implementation of the new corporate governance framework yielded significant results for the client. Decision-making processes became more efficient, reducing delays and improving overall project execution. The new communication plan fostered better information sharing and collaboration across departments, leading to increased productivity. The client developed a proactive approach to risk management, resulting in better risk mitigation and a reduction in potential liabilities. The corporate governance framework's scalability allowed the client to adapt as their organization continued to grow.


Through a comprehensive assessment, customized framework development, and hands-on implementation support, the client successfully established an effective corporate governance structure that aligned with their business objectives. The improvements in decision-making, communication, and risk management have positioned them for sustained growth and success in the dynamic technology industry.

The client's commitment to corporate governance excellence, combined with our strategic consulting services, has created a solid foundation for their future endeavors.

If you are interested in enhancing your organization's corporate governance, please feel free to contact us for a personalized consultation.

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